The General Assembly is the supreme decision-making body in which all members are represented.

It meets once a year and determines the positions common to the processed cheese industry as a whole.

The Comité Directeur is ASSIFONTE's governing body, composed of representatives of the processed cheese industry. The Comité Directeur defines the strategic directions of the association and prepares all proposals to be submitted for formal approval to the General Assembly."


Members of the Comité Directeur are:

• Ludwig Rupp, Rupp AG, Austria (President)

• Dieter Kuijl, St. Paul N.V., Netherlands (Vice-President)

• Jiri Kopácek, CMSM, Czech Republic(Treasurer)

• Gerhard Jerg, Jermi Käsewerk, Germany

• Emmanuel Treuil, Savencia, France

• Alexander Anton, Secretary General